Publications by Year: 2020

Pauken KE, Godec J, Odorizzi PM, Brown KE, Yates KB, Ngiow SF, Burke KP, Freeman GJ, Haining WN, Wherry EJ, et al. The PD-1 Pathway Regulates Development and Function of Memory CD8+ T Cells following Respiratory Viral Infection. Cell Reports. 2020;31 (13) :107827.Abstract

The PD-1 pathway regulates dysfunctional T cells in chronic infection and cancer, but the role of this pathway during acute infection remains less clear. Here, we demonstrate that PD-1 signals are needed for optimal memory. Mice deficient in the PD-1 pathway exhibit impaired CD8+ T cell memory following acute influenza infection, including reduced virus-specific CD8+ T cell numbers and compromised recall responses. PD-1 blockade during priming leads to similar differences early post-infection but without the defect in memory formation, suggesting that timing and/or duration of PD-1 blockade could be tailored to modulate host responses. Our studies reveal a role for PD-1 as an integrator of CD8+ T cell signals that promotes CD8+ T cell memory formation and suggest PD-1 continues to fine-tune CD8+ T cells after they migrate into nonlymphoid tissues. These findings have important implications for PD-1-based immunotherapy, in which PD-1 inhibition may influence memory responses in patients.

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LaFleur MW, Miller BC, Sharpe AH. Prevention of CAR-T-cell dysfunction. Nat Biomed Eng. 2020;4 (1) :16-17.Abstract

The overexpression of the transcription factor c-Jun improves chimeric-antigen-receptor T-cell functionality and enhances the killing of low-antigen-expressing liquid and solid cancers in mice.

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