Publications by Year: 1985

Sharpe AH, Gaulton GN, Ertl HC, Finberg RW, McDade KK, Fields BN, Greene MI. Cell receptors for the mammalian reovirus. IV. Reovirus-specific cytolytic T cell lines that have idiotypic receptors recognize anti-idiotypic B cell hybridomas. J Immunol. 1985;134 (4) :2702-6.Abstract
Cytotoxic T lymphocyte (Tc) cell lines specific for reovirus type 3 lysed an uninfected B cell hybridoma line, 87.92.6, that expresses and secretes an anti-idiotypic antibody that reacts with an anti-viral hemagglutinin monoclonal antibody, 9BG5. Monoclonal anti-idiotype 87.92.6 was shown by fluorescence analysis to specifically bind to reovirus Tc and to block reovirus-specific Tc from killing reovirus-infected target cells or the 87.92.6 hybridoma. An anti-LFA-1 monoclonal antibody, M17, interfered with Tc-mediated lysis of reovirus-infected targets and the 87.92.6 cells, indicating the similarity of cellular interactions mediated by LFA-1 structures when Tc bind to virally infected targets or 87.92.6 targets. Together with studies in which anti-H2 or monoclonal idiotypic antibodies were found to interfere with reovirus-specific Tc recognition of virally infected or 87.92.6 targets, these experiments indicate that some reovirus-specific Tc have conformations in their receptor that can be recognized by anti-idiotype.
Sharpe AH, Fields BN. Pathogenesis of viral infections. Basic concepts derived from the reovirus model. N Engl J Med. 1985;312 (8) :486-97.