Amandha Antonio

Undergraduate student (2016-2019)

Amandha graduated from Emmanuel College in May 2019. She now works in the Department of Patient and Family Programs and Services at Dana Farber...

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Zachary Barbati

Zachary Barbati

Master's student (2015-2016)

Zachary joined the Sharpe Lab in June of 2015. Previously, Zachary studied the fidelity mechanisms of DNA repair polymerases under the supervision of Dr....

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Pakhi Birla

Master's student (2018-2019)
Pakhi completed her Master's degree in Immunology at Harvard Medical School in May 2019. She is now working toward her PhD at Johns Hopkins. She grew up in... Read more about Pakhi Birla
Flavian Brown

Flavian Brown

Graduate student (2014-2018)

Flavian is a 2009 alumnus of Carleton College, where he earned a BA in Biology. As an undergraduate, Flavian studied non-small cell lung cancer in...

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Jessica Buck

Research technician (2017-2019)

Jess graduated from UMass Amherst with a BS in Biology, where she worked in the lab of Dr. Janice Telpher charactizing the binding activity of...

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Jernej Godec

Jernej Godec

Gradudate student (2011-2016)

Originally from the picturesque European gem - Slovenia - Jernej earned his undergraduate degree at the University of California, Berkeley where he...

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Xiaohui He

Research technician (2010-2018)

Xiaohui previously worked as a Technician Assistant for the Transgenic Core within the Department of Pathology at Brigham and Women's Hospital. In...

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Shenda Hou

Shenda Hou

Master's student (2016-2018)

Shenda graduated from Sun Yat-sen University in China, majoring in clinical medicine. Then she worked on lung cancer adenocarcinoma to squamous cell...

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Vikram Juneja

Vikram Juneja

Graduate student (2012-2016)

Vikram studied Mechanical Engineering at the University of California, San Diego before transitioning to a more biological focus in Fiona Watt's lab...

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Jaina Lane

Undergraduate student (2016-2018)

Jaina completed her undergraduate studies at Harvard College concentrating in Chemical and Physical Biology with a secondary concentration in Global...

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Camille Le Gall

Graduate student (January - August 2017)

Originally from France, Camille studied bioengineering in Paris before first coming to Boston in 2015 to work on single domain antibodies in Hidde Ploegh'...

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Scott Lovitch

Scott Lovitch

Postdoctoral fellow (2010-2015)

Scott joined the Sharpe Lab in 2010 after finishing his residency and fellowship in Pathology at Brigham and Women's Hospital (BWH). Before that, he...

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Shannon McArdel

Shannon McArdel

Postdoctoral fellow (2016-2017)
Graduate student (2010-2016)

Shannon studied developmental neurobiology at the University of Washington, before heading to Boston to change her focus to autoimmune disease.  In...

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Camila Mera

Undergraduate student (2017-2019)

While in the Sharpe Lab, Camila has worked alongside different researchers and aided in projects including work with...

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